Surf skating – 7 proven fun reasons to do it!

Surf skating is still misunderstood by many. Every time we hit the local skate spots we get asked about the gear we’re using and why. Some riders, who’ve never stood on a surf skate, try it and are instantly hooked. Kids and adults alike. So why would you get involved in surf skating?

Surf skating cost and affordability.

Full surf skating setups, with all the components, can be pricey. We’ll admit that. You may also not know what you’re buying. Particularly if this is your first foray into surf skating.

But fear not as there’s a more affordable way to start your surf skate journey. Waterborne Skateboards surf and rail adapters retrofit to any existing setup. Thereby turning your whip into a surf skate. And you only NEED the front adapter. Everything else is a want. This makes it much more affordable.

Hyper manoeuvrability.

The biggest gain with surf skates is their hyper manoeuvrability. Waterborne surf adapters offer around 30% more lean than a standard skateboard.

This gives the ability to carve tightly. Sometimes within the turning circle of the board’s length. And all at lower speeds. Suddenly your confidence is through the roof and flat land never looked so fun.

Surf skate pumpability.

Another key aspect of surf skating is pumpability. Once you dial the skills it’s possible to pump along without having to put your foot down and kick. (See vid below for pumping example).

To the layman, pumping looks a bit like wiggling. But it’s more than this. And can make previously boring terrain more fun.

Transitions are amazing fun.

Many surf skates gravitate towards skate parks. And it’s not hard to see why. Bowls and transitions are ripe for some surf skating fun. Finidng that flow state is where it’s at for a good many riders.

Steep walls replicate waves. And with riders not having to get above the coping, or even kick turn, transitions become less intimidating. There’s nothing quite like carving a front or backside turn off the top with all four wheels still in contact with the surface.

Surf skating is great for fitness and well being.

Getting outdoors and doing any physical exercise is beneficial to your overall health and well. Surf skating is a decent workout as well. Trust us when we say, pumping can work you up into a sweat and get that heart rate up.

Surf skating rail grab
Surf skating is great for physical and mental well being.

But also, in contrast, it doesn’t always have to be quite so full on. Surf skating can be taken at a pedestrian pace. And you’ll still feel the stoke. We call this ‘dad skating’. Not a derogatory term. Instead, this is something to be positive about.

You can push the envelope if you wish.

If you fancy dabbling with the performance end of surf skating then you can. Some setups are tuned up for airs, slides and all manner of funky moves. There’re plenty of vids online of riders getting gnarly.

In the guise of performance surf skating the boundaries between street skating and the surf discipline are somewhat blurred. But the end result is still fun.

Surf skating can help your surfing.

The whole reason for surf skates being invented was to provide a tool for surfers to train with when not in the water. And it’s true. Riding a surf skate can help your surfing.

Surf skating to help with surfing
Surf skating can help with your surfing.

This, however, depends on how ride a surfboard and how your ride a skateboard. Some transfer skills between the two disciplines effortlessly. While others have different styles when aboard one sled or the other. If surf training is a focus for your surf skating make sure you’re going through the drills correctly.

Summing up.

There are plenty more reasons to ride a surf skate. But the overriding point is that it’s fun! And if you’re having fun then it’s all good.

Check out the Surf Skatebooard Shop online store for all you need surf skating wise. If you need some advice then give us a call on 01208 880 839

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