Surf skate setups – what you need to get started.

Surf skate setups come in all types, shapes and sizes. The component parts – especially the front truck – are what give surf skate sleds their distinct look and performance. Wider boards (generally), higher seated trucks, longer wheelbases, and that articulating front truck for more lean are par for the course. This is pretty much your standard surf skate. But there is another way.

Waterborne Skateboards surf skate adapters.

Waterborne Skateboards created their surf adapter having spotted a need to turn any deck, truck and wheel configuration into a surf skate. And all at an affordable price point. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is the cost of a full surf skate setup. And whilst some riders do want and will go down this route others aren’t in the same situation. Check out the DREAM system which replaces your trucks with the DREAM truck system, just add wheels and deck.

Waterborne surf adapters are retrofit. They can attach to any deck and trucks. This makes it super simple and wallet friendly to own a surf skateboard. And then, following on riders are free to mod their equipment further by adding parts as they see fit.

Where to start with your surf skate setup.

It all starts with the front surf skateboard surf adapter. This can be purchased as a stand alone product. There’s no need to buy anything else if you don’t want to. All mounting hardware comes with the adapter. So it’s a no hassle solution.

Once you’ve gotten hold of your Waterborne Skateboards front surf adapter it’s a case of unbolting your existing trucks and wheels, seating the adapter, screwing back on and adding your front truck and wheels. The included bamboo risers then sit on the rear with your other truck affixing in place. You need to use the risers because of the additional height gained with the front surf adapter. Once all bolts are tightened it’s time to go shred. Total installation time is just a few minutes!

Gaining more performance.

If you want to stop with just the Waterborne front surf adapter you can. There’s no NEED to do anything else. Your overall board lean and carving ability will increase around 30%. Plus, the ability to pump along the flats will be so much more efficient. However, if you want to tweak your surf skate’s performance you certainly can.

The next step to modding your gear is adding the Waterborne rear surf rail adapter. As with the front component, the surf rail is retrofit and very cost effective. Bolting onto your deck, with the truck then fixed in place riders will experience complete, full rail lean. Designed to fully mimic surfing’s movements it’s an authentic carving experience like no other. 

What else can I do?

Any time you change a component part of your kit the performance and feel will, in tandem, also change. Sometimes for better or worse depending what you’re after. Some riders for instance prefer a more front foot approach to their surf skating. Whilst others want to go the whole hog with full rail lean. With Waterborne Skateboards surf adapters, decks, trucks, wheels and bushings riders can tweak and tune until their heart’s content. Trust us when we say, however, this tinkering can become addictive!

Surf skate setups #1
Surf skate setups are infinite.

Waterborne offers a few different deck, truck and wheel options to add to absorb into your surf skate riding. All WB products have been designed and refined to deliver tip top performance and enhance your experience. If you have a bigger budget then going for a full Waterborne skate setup may be the best choice.

Bushings and feel.

Bushings were traditionally an overlooked part of all skateboard setups. And yet, with different durometers bushing hardness can now be controlled at the point of manufacturing. And this directly knocks on to what you feel when riding.

Playing around with bushing types is another way to tune your ride. Fine tuning your gear with bushings is simple and, yet again, very affordable. In conjunction with Waterborne surf adapters riders can affect performance in a super granular fashion. Equally, if you don’t fancy messing about with bushing then there’s no need.

Other surf skateboard equipment.

Here at Surf Skateboard Shop we don’t just sell Waterborne gear. We also retail other highly regarded brands. All of which can be used in any number of combinations and ways you want.

Surf Skateboard Shop modified sled
Mod your surf skate setup how you see fit.

Fancy a Loaded Longboard deck fitted with Waterborne surf adapter and Abec 11 wheels? No problem, fill ya boots. Or perhaps you like the idea of Orangatang wheels on your custom surf skate. Again, go for it! Whatever combo you can come up with we have you covered here at Surf Skateboard Shop.

Summing up.

Starting out on your surf skate journey shouldn’t be costly or a headache. This is why we deal with Waterborne. When you get further along with your surf skate journey, however, we appreciate how you may want to mod and customise your equipment. This is why we offer the other products in the online shop.

If you still have questions about any part of surf skating – whether that be equipment or other – get in touch with us here.

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