Surf skating for kids.

Surf skating for kids is, in some ways, easier than learning how to riding a standard street skateboard. Mainly down to how the front surf skate truck operates young children are able to turn a setup with less effort. We’ve seen this ourselves firsthand.

Mellow surf skating for kids intros.

We know plenty of skating parents who love seeing their kids get involved in the thing they love. But we get – just as with adults – standing on a small platform with four wheels can be daunting. At first at least. The seemingly uncontrollable roll of a skateboard is enough to (literally) throw anyone off. And then there’s the turning.

Skateboard trucks are often quite stiff. For sure, they carve but not like a surf skate truck. Your wee ones may have gotten used to using a standard skateboard and rolling along the flat. But come needing to turn and it’s not as easy to engage a rail for small limbs.

Not just the trucks!

With the ability to lean on the rail and engage that carving motion kids get the feeling of turning a skateboard much quicker (from what we’ve seen). But it doesn’t end there. Surf skating setups often come with softer, wider wheels that can be more forgiving than smaller street skate wheels. This means surf skating for kids becomes more fun. Stability, after all, grows confidence.

Surf skate decks as well. Being wider, offer more room for error. Using a surf skateboard kid’s confidence increases tenfold. Nobody enjoys taking a tumble – whatever the hardcore elite may suggest. There’s much more fun to be hand riding than rolling round the floor in pain.

The release of kiddy friendly Carver models.

Carver Skateboards – one of the brands we deal with – launched a brand new line of grom specific surf skates towards the tail end of 2023. See video below.

Whilst these are certainly designed for kids groms can also happily ride around on a conventional surf skate setup. As they improve and look for more performance it may be better to grab a setup specifically designed for kids. But to start with they’ll be fine aboard your sled.

Fun – the name of the game.

Fun should be the top priority when introducing your children to any new activity. If it’s not fun they’ll not be engaged and lose interest. Surf skateboarding is therefore an ideal discipline for those first forays into rolling on fours. YOu may find your offspring stick with it for the long haul. And why not…

If you’re looking to get hold of a surf skate setup for your kids get in touch to discuss your requirements. Or hit us anyway for a chat about all things surf skate.

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