Surf skate testing – Carver Kai Lenny Dragon C7, Black Tip CX & Black Beauty CX.

Surf skate testing is something we do extensively here at Surf Skateboard Shop. We try and ride, demo, test and review all the gear we sell. That way we can pass on informed, hands on experience and insight to all our customers. Thereby giving a real world opinion of what the surf skate gear we sell can do. And who it’s for. Recently we got to do some surf skate testing with the Carver Kai Lenny Dragon 34″, Black Tip CX 32.5″ and Black Beauty 31.75″.

Carver surf skate history.

Carver surf skate setups are the original surf skate. Started in Venice Beach, California in 1996 by Greg Falk and Neil Carver they wanted to make a skateboard setup to replicate surfing. Taking cues from their surfing peers it was the truck that would take focus.

Surf skate testing - Carver Kai Lenny Dragon C7, Black Tip CX & Black Beauty CX #1
Carver Black Tip punts above the coping.

After countless prototypes and tinkering the renowned C7 Carver surf skate truck was created. Now, with a much more refined design, and with other surf skate sty; etrucks in the range, Carver are possibly the most recognisable surf skateboard brand. And here we put a few through some surf skate testing drills.

Carver Kai Lenny Dragon C7.

The Carver Kai Lenny Dragon is one of the biggest surf skates we’ve tested at 34″. That said it doesn’t feel huge or unwieldy. In fact, it’s positively throwabout. The stretched double concave deck, super turny C7 trucks and 70mm Roundhouse wheels all help to instil confidence in the rider.

A wide 18″ wheelbase gives a locked in stance and helps with levering the board through kick turns, carves and slides. We used the word confidence above. And that pretty much sums up the Carver Kai Lenny Dragon C7. If you want a Craver surf skate that helps you build confidence, but won’t hold you back, this is the one. The graphic’s sick as well!

Carver Black Tip CX.

Carver’s Black Tip CX complete surf skate quickly became a go to sled for all types of surf skateboarding. The 32.5″ size certainly feels a tad smaller than the Kai Lenny Dragon (above) but no less stable and inspiring. A 17.5″ wheelbase also aids this.

A deep spoon shape nose concave (the mould is called Hyperspoon) and winger rails help with locked in carves and gouges. The Carver CX hybrid trucks are certainly turnable but with a more stable feel for those who want to get above the coping or don’t fancy the loose performance of Carver C7 trucks.

Carver Black Beauty CX.

Instantly recognisable by its pronounced pintail and Al Merrick logo the Carver Black beauty is fun to carve and zoom about your local. It’s also bang on for slides. The rider’s foot wrapping around the narrow pint tail to efficiently push when needed.

CX front trucks and C2 rears, with a 17 3/4″ wheelbase give the Carver Black Beauty a certain composure. It also begs you to power through turns. And we also found it worked great as a SUP skate, a hybrid form of surf skating.

Summing up.

Carver surf skates are solid sellers for a reason. They offer great performance, can be tuned according to your style and preferences. Plus, Carver offers easy to tap into fun that any rider will appreciate. Keep your eyes peeled for more surf skate testing moving forwards.

Check out all our Carver surf skateboard completes in the online shop here. If you want something specific which we haven’t got listed there’s every chance we can get hold of it. Message us to find out –

And don’t forget to check out our full surf skateboarders buying guide which you can view here. This answers all your general surf skating questions that may crop up.

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