Surf skate testing – Waterborne Skateboards Taurus wide body setup.

Surf skate testing is something we do a lot of here at Surf Skateboard Shop. Setups differ, as does the feel of a surf skate when changing component parts. As such we like to know what’s going on with the gear we sell. For this surf skate testing article, we delve a bit deeper into the performance of the Waterborne Taurus wide body deck. Enabled with Waterborne surf and rail adapters, Waterborne RKP trucks and Orangatang Caguama 85mm wheels.

Taurus surf skate sessions.

The Waterborne Taurus is a 10’5″ wide deck with a moderate amount of concave and kick tail. Length is then 32″ with a wide wheelbase of 19″ (axle to axle). It’s pressed in a 5 layer bamboo construction with a black finish. Overall the Taurus looks great. Especially when contrasted against the eggshell blue Orangatang Caguama 85mm wheels.

Initial surf skate sessions aboard this setup caught us off guard. Having been used to slightly narrower wheelbase lengths the wider stance took us a bit of getting used to. Also, the lower concave felt strange compared to our previous sled which iss more pronounced. Eventually, however, it all came together.

Surf skate testing - Waterborne Skateboards Taurus wide body setup. #2
Smacking the lip of concrete waves.

Top tip for Waterborne surf adapter riders.

If you’re using Wateborne surf and/or rail adapters then it’s worth tightening your trucks to the maximum. If not, and your trucks are loose, drive and pump is lost. Which we found out the hard way.

With loose trucks, as you lean into the turn your surf skate’s rail engages but the trucks don’t. You feel like you should be turning but directionally you’re still going straight. Essentially, the transfer of energy as you lean into the turn is lost with loose trucks. Or, you have to over-egg the movement to ensure the adapters engage.

Surf skate testing - Waterborne Skateboards Taurus wide body setup. #3
Lip slide carve grinds.

Big wheels and the Taurus.

Bigger wheels are preferred by us for surf skating. They give more stability, better grip and roll with more momentum than smaller diameter wheels. Anyone familiar with us at Surf Skateboard Shop will be aware of one tester’s liking of the Orangatang Dad Bod 105mm wheels. Whilst the Caguama 85mm are obviously smaller they’re still on the larger side.

With less concave, the Taurus requires risers – even with surf and rail adapters fitted – to accommodate big wheels. Its wheel wells aren’t quite enough. Otherwise, you’ll get a load of wheel bite. Which isn’t fun. Waterborne bamboo risers are therefore just the ticket.

Overall performance.

Jumping from one setup to the next, with differences in components, dimensions and shape, it’s obvious there needs to be a timeframe for dialling things in. Once we got there, however, the true colours of this particular setup really shone through.

Surf skate testing - Waterborne Skateboards Taurus wide body setup. #4
Waterborne Taurus sends!

The Taurus is super comfy and confidence-inspiring to ride. Trusting the deck you can throw it around no problem. Even with its bigger profile. Waterborne RKP trucks and adapters provide plenty of lean and dependability. Whilst the O’tang Caguama’s deliver a quicker ride than you’d imagine. Carving and pumping round bowl transitions are particularly fun but equally flat land distance and carving are fulfilling too.

Summing up.

If you’re after a proper surf skate deck to rev up your riding then the Taurus is a good choice. Especially if you’re a longer-limbed skater. From there you’re free to pimp the setup how you see fit.

Whether you choose to copy what we’ve done or tweak it to your own taste and style we’re sure you’ll be stoked on the Waterboene Skateboards Taurus.

If you have any questions about any of the surf skate gear we sell please contact us here. Don’t forget to check out all those goodies in the online shop here.

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